Do you have a Facebook page?  Because if you have, you might have noticed the same thing I’ve noticed, which is that lately Facebook looks more like the political page of Digg or Fark than a place to read about your friend’s drunken shenanigans.  Maybe it’s just my friend list, but I’ve noticed that lately a lot of people are posting stuff about politics, gun control, etc.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if it was just links to news stories or that sort of thing, but a lot of it is, well, retarded.

For example, about two weeks ago, someone post the same story on Facebook that Uncle linked to yesterday.  It’s the usual set of black-helicopter conspiracy ‘tards with a new one about how Obama is going to confiscate all guns by September of this year.  Aside from the logistical impossibility of that, all the “facts” that they use to support their case are pretty much wild speculation.

Now, I’m 100% okay with conspiracy theories and the theorists that create them.  The 9/11 Truthers have been great for laughs, and so were the “OMFGNWOILLUMINATTI” guys during the Clinton years. The problem I’m having with it right now is that it seems to be a symptom of a much more serious problem – Obama Derangement Syndrome. The amount of focus and brain rage that has been spent on trivial things like his gifts to the PM and the Queen, or his bow to the Saudi King is completely ludicrous. He’s not “a secrit mooslim” (I actually received an email with that exact spelling – ed.) and he’s not part of some secret conspiracy to supplant the American government with a multi-national UN Regime.

There are legitimate policy and political reasons to oppose Obama. His support of gun control, his budget, his plan to put my grandkids in debt up to their eyes – all of these and many other things are perfectly sane and reasonable reasons to be not support President Obama. But all this focus on conspiracy theories and trivial bullcrap doesn’t help us win the elections in 2010, and it’s certainly not making converts.


  1. >and he’s not part of some secret conspiracy to supplant the American government with a multi-national UN Regime.

    I’m not disagreeing, per se, but how is it _you_ know what secret group someone is or isn’t a part of?

  2. I’ve been posting political and such articles on my FB page as well, but linked to “legitimate” news, like Fox, CNN, etc. You know, about Obama’s bow, the Cyberspace land grab, etc.
    Now, I am no conspiracy theorist, but as far as a world regime is concerned, Mr. Obama has already said he wants one:

    Quote: “All nations must come together to build a stronger, global regime. ”


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