HK416 production halted

Production of the HK416 has been suspended due to defects/problems with the weapon.  You have no idea how funny I find this.  Soon, my blog will be surrounded by HK fanboys telling me that there’s nothing wrong with, and that it’s the greatest weapons system ever.

Here’s the release copied word for word from the Tactical Wire:

The Tactical Wire has learned from very reliable sources that the US military has encountered significant problems with H&K Model 416s in combat conditions. HK has suspended production pending an internal investigation and inspection of that weapon system.

I guess having you gun on Future Weapons doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s actually an effective piece of combat hardware, eh HK?

Update:  Here’s a little more from the guys at Afrcom.


  1. I seem to recall one night on GN:TNG chat Tam cautioning not to jump on the bandwagon on this one and other piston uppers.

  2. H&K: “Because you suck and we hate you.”

    “Our official policy might put operators in danger? Blasphemy!”

    The trailer park wives of course would give me crap if I was in their territory staing the obvious… It’s amazing how many people love that company with all the BS H&K gives us “non-operators”.

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