Atlanta CC IDPA Match Results

The match results for April 4th IDPA Match are available, to see the full results table click here.  Here are the winners by division:

  • CDP Champion: Graziano, Gary  124.53
  • ESP Champion: Giddings, Caleb  112.58
  • SSP Champion: Sughrue, Mike  121.99
  • ESR Champion:  Schultz, Dale  221.92
  • SSR Champion: Ross, Dave  204.32

As usual, the team at Atlanta Conservation Club put on a great match.  The stages were a mix of speed shoots, one USPSA style stage, and some very challenging stages involving swingers, shooting on the move, and weak hand shooting.  The IDPA matches at Atlanta are always rewarding for shooters both new and experienced, as there will be a stage that tests your skills.

Next month’s match should be interesting as well – as usual I’ll be there blasting away, but I’ll also be designing a stage at the next IDPA match at Atlanta.  If you get to a stage with the maximum legal amount of movement, the max round count, and the max amount of steel, there’s a good chance I designed that stage.

See you next month at Atlanta CC!


  1. Congrats!

    I looked at the table. That’s quite a lead you made for yourself.

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