Detroit is gradually reverting back to a wild land. There is abundant vegetation and wildlife growing in the city itself, not out in the suburbs. At the link, you’ll see trees growing from buildings, wildlife in the city proper, it’s awesome.

Why is it awesome? Because “wild cities” are totally part of horrible dystopian hell-scape that is common in a lot of sci-fi. If this is coming, it means that a reversion to steam powered technology can’t be far behind, which means that my plans for an armored steam dirigible just might see the light of day.


  1. Daw crap… you’re into steampunk. Shoulda known, though. Now I know how Chazz Palminteri felt a the end of The Usual Suspects. Right in front of me the whole f*ckin’ time…

  2. Yep, next thing you know, we’ll have/be airship pirates and road warrior banditos roaming the sky and countryside. I’m drawing up plans for steam powered vehicles already.

    Mr. Baptist has found a veritable treasure trove there, and I thank him for sharing it.

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