Wait, what?

And, as to why you should give your support to GOA, rather than the NRA or any other group, let me say that when it comes to defending your gun rights, we have no equal.

We hold the line when others compromise.  We oppose a national gun registry; we oppose trigger locks; we oppose ‘bullet tracing.’  We oppose all things that seek to infringe on your right to defend yourself.

That’s from Gun Owners of America, who apparently are asking people for donations.  I’m serious, the amount of straight up bullcrap in there absolutely made my head explode.  How many bad gun laws has GOA successfully opposed in Washington?  How many bad gun laws has GOA gotten off the books?  How many laws protecting our right to keep and bear arms has GOA gotten passed in Washington?

In case you’re wondering, the answer to all of the above questions is the same: zero, zip, zilch, nada.

I’m not opposed to the GOA per se – I think that as an organization, they fill a niche for gun owners who are looking for a little more “fire and brimstone” from their pro-gun group than NRA is going to provide, and for that purpose I’m totally okay with them. But when they pull shenanigans like trying to actively undermine NRA, I get a little hot under the collar, because it’s just silly. Trying to claim that GOA is the “real” pro-gun organization and that NRA doesn’t do anything for gun owners is as patently ludicrous as AHSA claiming to actually represent hunters and shooters.


  1. I signed up for GOA, once some years ago. I got nothing from them except more begging for money and bad-mouthing the NRA.

    That’s ALL they ever did.

    I didn’t renew. I was younger and more foolish with my $$ then. No more.

    I’m a life NRA member now.

  2. Same here, I gave GOA some money once upon a time, until I figured out that they were more concerned with bad-mouthing and undermining the NRA than fighting for our rights.

    I’m not an NRA fan-boy by any means, but to claim that they are the enemy of gun rights is patently ludicrous.

    And this goes right to the “divide and conquer” strategy that we in the gun community so willingly play right along with at every turn. We are our own worst enemy.

  3. The sad thing is, I think GOA can actually do things that are in line with its mission, and with its “no compromise” approach to politics, that can actually be useful for the movement. But they aren’t taking the high road in doing it, and that’s why I can’t support them.

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