1. I can see both sides of the “purist” ideals.

    On one hand, I love the simple beauty of a clean, basic 1911 like the Sistema. On the other hand, some of those IDPA/IPSC uberguns really stroke my Counter Strike/HALO gamer side.

  2. I can feel your pain Caleb. I have a Para that ALREADY has fiber optic sights on it, but I want Tritium AND Fiber (when given a choice, take both). Since no one is making TFO that fits the Para dovetail, I have already contacted my machinists buddies to modify the TFO sights that fit on another manufactures pistol so that they will fit my Para. Call me kooky.

  3. Sorry, but I’ve got to disagree. All the nicky-neat toys do nothing but add to the potential for failure. Work on the internals, work on functionality yes- the rest, not to me.

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