House Democrats Oppose AWB

Yesterday, 65 House Democrats (including 2 from Indiana) signed a letter to AG Eric Holder stating their opposition to the renewal or creation of a new Assault Weapons Ban.  Read the press release from NRA here.  Sebastian has a good run down of the math this creates in the House:

Just to run the math for you, there are 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives under the 111th Congress.  It takes 218 votes to pass a bill.  That means with 65 Democrats on record as opposing a renewal of the ban, we can afford to lose 28 deadbeat Republicans on the vote, and Pelosi still would not have a majority to pass a renewal.

Now, we’re not out of the woods on this, not by a long shot.  If you live in one of the districts represented by a Democrat that signed on to this letter, you need to contact your reps now and thank them for the support of the 2nd Amendment, and continue to maintain contact with that representative’s office so that in the event any sort of ban is proposed, they know on which side their bread is buttered.


  1. I’m hoping they realize this really IS the third rail of politics, and I REALLY hope they jump on it! If they do, we can clean house in 2010.

  2. I just don’t trust the leadership in the House and Senate to keep their word. However, I think their coming out against an AWB-which may be a smokescreen-is all about the midterm elections coming up. I hope that enough people are disgruntled with the Obamanation that we’ll get another sea change like we had in ’94. If that happens, though its going to have to be a Republican leadership that understands that being more like the Dems isn’t what we want. Conservatism wins elections. If they don’t figure that out and the Country Club Republicans win a majority again, then nothing at all changes and the need for a Conservative Party becomes more of a reality.

  3. My problem with saying that conservatism wins elections is that a growing number of the electorate are tired of the the conservative religious agenda. I don’t really want to ban gay marriage, and I want to fund stem cell research, and I don’t think we should be teaching creationism in schools. While I am in fact a Christian, those things don’t have any place in politics.

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