Gun Control Drinking Game

Speaking of guns and Mexico, while reading the NRA press release in the post immediately beneath this one, I found a link to testimony from Tom Diaz of the Violence Policy Center, which was delivered at the same hearing that Chris Cox testified at.

After reading Tom’s testimony,I got the idea for a “Brady Campaign/VPC” drinking game.  What you do is take testimony like what I’ve linked, and have someone read it aloud.  Then, whever the person reading says one of the following words, you take a shot.  Here are the “drinking” words:

  1. “Military-style” weapons/firearms
  2. cop-killer/cop-killing
  3. vest-busting/vest-buster (that sounds like something way more entertaining that gun control – ed)
  4. 50 caliber sniper rifle
  5. semi-auto/semi-automatic assault _____ (rifle/weapon/gun)
  6. any reference to the imaginary “gun show loophole”
  7. “crime gun/s”
  8. “firepower”

Now, I should warn you – after wading through all of Tom Diaz’s “testimony”, you might want to play this game with beer shots, as there are parts of that horrible screed where you’ll get slammed with “military-style deathguns”, “cop-killers”, and then “matas policias” (cop killer in Spanish) in the span of a few seconds.

The one thing I don’t want you to miss is how deadly serious this is.  The anti-gun lobby is going to use everything they can, whether it’s a civil war in Mexico, or a mass murder in the US to push their agenda.  They are utterly shameless, and have no qualms whatsoever about wading in the blood of innocent victims if they feel it will help their cause.

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