Speaking of the undead

While we’re sitting around talking about fighting off zombies, some people are training for the eventual apocalypse.  I present “Outbreak: Omega II“, the sequel to the very popular shoot that DPMS put on last year, where you are fighting a simulated zombie horde.  This year it’s going to be 5 courses of fire, 3 rifle, 1 pistol, and 1 shotgun, as well as a side match for axe throwing.  That’s right, the side match will be axe throwing.

I heard from people who went to the one last year that it was a 1.5 hoots to shoot this match, so if you can get up the MN area around April 25th and have about 300 rounds of rifle ammo handy, head over to DPMS’s website and pre-reg for the match.  If my match schedule didn’t look like some mad IDPA nut went through and blocked off all my weekends, I’d try to make it up there for the shoot, because zombies and rifles is a recipe for a great time.


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