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I did not know until yesterday that IDPA had a Canadian website, complete with local match schedules. I imagine that the restrictions on ownership of pistols in Canada make competition a somewhat smaller affair than it is here in the States, however just the fact that there are Canadians shooting IDPA (and IPSC) makes me happy.

Plus, I now have a new and entertaining (to me) shooting goal.  Go to Windsor, Ontario, which is right across the border from Detroit (eeeewwww) in August and shoot the Ontario Provincial IDPA Championship.  There’s a certain amount of appeal in going to a foreign country and competing in their IDPA matches.  I’d be interested to see what the differences are, as at least here anyway, IDPA is mostly grounded in the theory of concealed carry, but in Canada there is no concealed carry culture.  I’m curious to see if that difference has an effect on the Courses of Fire that are set up for the shooters. Of course, a cursory glance at Canadian firearms laws tells me that just getting a 1911 in and out of the country along with ammo for the match would be a headache, to say the least. Still…it might be worth it.


  1. We had a half-dozen Canucks down for the Area II Desert Classic here last year. They all shot well, and had some interesting horror stories to tell of shooting up north (i.e. you must case your pistol when moving from one COF to another.).

    The most interesting, though, was the Jamaican competitors: The gun laws there are even more restrictive than Canada’s, and they were fairly amazed at the liberties we have up in in the U.S.

  2. Better leave your guns at home and borrow some when you get there. You can’t take guns into Canada anymore. Even when in transit on the AlCan highway.

  3. I would think that you can see the courses of fire without actually competing.

  4. Crucis, according to my research, you are able to bring firearms in to Soviet Canuckistan, however the amount of paperwork that I’d have to fill out is truly impressive.

  5. Crucis,
    Living in Alaska and having made several trips through Canada, I can say that traveling with guns is not impossible. Long guns can be papered at the border. Handguns are right out unless you have a non-resident firearms license. And even then, transport requirements are very strict.
    Caleb is right, the paperwork is…very complete.
    Caleb, start the paperwork now if you are serious about competing. You will have to get a full firearms license for non-residents. Allow for months before it gets returned. You can find all this on the Canadian Firearms Center web page.

    Ketchikan, AK

  6. You know you have a teeny tiny smiley face on the right side grey area of your blog page?

  7. I am a Canadian and shoot IDPA in the US all the time If you are an American and want to shoot the IDPA championships contact the match directors they will answer all the questions you have about bringing guns into Canada to shoot the match the info should be on the match flyer hope this will help unfortunatly I can’t shoot the match because I am over here but it should be a good one

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