Gun Nuts Tonight: More Open Carry

Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio
we’re going to continue the discussion we started on Open Carry a few weeks back. Joining us for tonight’s show will be Bryan Ledford, a resident of Ohio who was actually harassed by Ohio law enforcement officers for open carrying. Bryan had the presence of mind to record the entire encounter, so we’re going to be listening to the audio of that, and then talking to Bryan about his experience.

As always, questions, comments, and callers are encouraged – you can join the show live at (347) 539-5436 with your question! As always, the show airs live tonight at 9pm Eastern time at Be there tonight for a great discussion on the future of our right to keep and bear arms!


  1. Great show as usual, despite the technical difficulties.

    I would ask your guest to watch this youtube clip twice.

    Please remember that nobody ever won a roadside argument with a cop. Also, the cops are not talking with you because they find you amusing or interesting, they are fishing for a chance to arrest or search you. The less you talk, the less opportunity they have.

  2. Where I live in CA open unloaded carry is legal.However,despite the fact that I have an absolutely clean record I would not carry openly due to the risk of being shot or violently assaulted by local law enforcement.Chickenshit? maybe,but consider that the Santa Rosa PD no longer issues glocks due to the number of negligent discharges and you get an idea of their level of training…

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