Fire Mission – Zombies in the open

I have massed foot mobiles, closing at a slow rate of speed, the coordinates are 39° 44′ N 86° 17′ W – fire for effect.

Every time I see one of those “zombie” targets, I get the crazy idea in my head to try and put together a “zombie action shooting” match – using standard IDPA targets, you’d take head shots for the entire match, except for the very first stage.  The “scenarios” would play like this:

  1. You get confronted by some badguys, which you engage with two shots to the chest in tactical priority – but then you have to go back and re-engage each one with a head shot, because the two COM shots failed to produce a stop.
  2. All stages after that require a head shot for the target to be considered “neutralized”, failure to engage every target to the head will result in a failure to neutralize penalty.

It would be silly, challenging, and a lot of fun.  Costuming would be encouraged.


  1. I designed a stage like that last year for a club match. 20 or so targets in a zombie cluster, only head shots counted.

    It was awesome.

  2. When these targets appeared on the wall at my shootery, I thought exactly the same thing.

    I’m on pretty good terms with the RSO’s and the IDPA coordinator at the range; I think I’ll suggest your rules for the Halloween match.

  3. I would staple plastic bags full of salsa behind the A Zone of the target, but that’s just me. :>

  4. ZerCool, you beat me to the Outbreak omega link. It’s mostly a rifle shoot, there is one pistol stage and I think there might be a shotgun stage, there is a bonus axe throwing side match .

  5. We did this for our Halloween shoot!

    We shot in semi-darkness, which was sobbering. Night sites help A LOT and I now have ’em on every gun!

    We set a one minute time limit – shoot 20 targets, headshots only in a minute… Scored as steel (hit or a miss, no second guessing…)

    Scoring was tough too in the dark.

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