Maryville Church Shooting

If you’re just now turning on the news, you’ve by now probably heard about the shooting in Maryville, IL – where single man shot and killed the pastor of a local church before attacked and subdued by members of the church. According to the police reports, the man shot the pastor, then produced a knife and was set upon by parishioners.

Two items immediately jump out at me: 1) good job on the police and CNN for preserving the anti self-defense meme, by stating that the wounds inflicted on the shooter may have been “accidental” or “self-inflicted”. According to police, the suspect suffered “very serious” injuries, which one can only hope were given him by the parishioners with his own knife. The 2nd item that of course comes to mind is carry you gun, even in church. As we’ve said before, it is a lighter burden than regret.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Illinois, your leaders don’t think that you are worthy of the privilege which residents of more liberty minded states take for granted.

My deepest sympathies are with the family of the pastor who was murder, and my heartfelt thanks and gratitude are with the church goers who chose to not be victims, and chose instead to fight.


  1. The parishioners are very fortunate the shooter’s gun jammed; the radio account I heard said it was after the 3rd shot. I hope it gives impetus to passing CCW in Illinois, long overdue.

  2. And let’s not forget that they are already demonizing the guns….the shooter had 2 12 gauge shotguns at home and a box of Oooooh 550 .22LR rounds.

    So what….. I’ve got about a dozen boxes of bulk .22 in my cabinet and 2 12 gauges in my safe. Big deal.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could instead focus on how a person with mental illness, in Illinois, is able to possess firearms? I thought the Illinois FOID card was supposed to prevent that sort of thing….

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