Atlanta CC IDPA Match Results

Can be found at this link for the .pdf file of the complete results. I shot the Para 7.45 LDA, which ran like I’ve come to expect Para’s guns to run, without a hitch. I ended up finishing third in CDP Division, which is probably my cue to shoot a classifier in CDP so I can officially compete in that, and 6th overall in the match.

As usually, our friends at Atlanta Conservation Club put on a good match – despite being only 60 rounds over 6 courses of fire, the match was fun and challenging, with a couple COFs that force you to slow down and actually think about what you’re doing. Next weekend on the Indiana IDPA circuit there are a couple of shoots, including the Hamilton County Fish & Game IDPA Match, and Friday Night Steel at Marion County Fish and Game. Should be a pretty good week for shooting in the Indy Metro Area, and if you’re interested in finding more local matches, check out

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