TFL: The Pwnening

So, over at TWHoSaV, some guy starts a thread about how his girlfriend is coming around on the gun issue, which should have been met with a resounding “YAY” from the forumites. However, a couple of guys, and one in particular, decide that they like the taste of their own feet, so they proceed to spend the next four pages of posts getting whacked around by my friends Tamara and Pax.

Misogyny is so cute, in a “look at the relic from the 1800s” sort of way. You go watching this idiot get his lunch fed to him by clicking on this link, but don’t do it if you don’t like watching someone who is clearly mentally challenged get his ass handed to him. As of this morning, the mods have locked the thread, which is almost too bad, because it really was fun watching this guy stick his foot in his mouth. He managed to get the last post, which is a doozy – it actually suggests that the reason women shooters beat male shooters in action shooting is that the men are distracted by how attractive the ladies are. Talk about dumb.



    That one was even worse than the first Waterengineer one.

    I had no idea one man could spout so much idiocy in one post. Before him, I had no idea that women, including Tam obviously, do not collect firearms and all carry because of fear.

    I’d especially like to see how this guy would fare with a roll of quarters when a group decides to take him down.

  2. Oh man i’m so glad that I missed that thread i would have shredded him, That kind of attitude is what keep some women from taking up shooting. That kind of s**t makes me livid.

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