Trijicon announces new ACOGs

From the Trijicon Press Release:

Trijicon, Inc.®, the world leader in Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for hunting, law enforcement and military applications, has developed new optical variations to its renowned Trijicon ACOG® models – compact telescopic sights with dual-illuminated reticle patterns for use in low light or at night. Additionally, Trijicon has announced a brand new Trijicon ACOG line of scopes, measuring just four inches long.

In 2009, the following enhancements will be available to select Trijicon ACOGs:

* Green reticles will now be available in many ACOG models, in addition to red and amber. Appearing at the center of the color spectrum, green allows the human eye to adjust to it very quickly and appears very bright in low to no light situations.

* Horseshoe reticle patterns, developed at the request of the United States Military, will be available on the ACOG 4×32 (TA31H) and 3.5×35 (TA11H) model scopes, allowing for very fast target acquisition.

* Reticles calibrated for the 6.8 SPC round, allowing for the conversion of an AR15 into an excellent hog and deer hunting rifle.

Also new for 2009, is a shorter, more lightweight Trijicon ACOG 1.5x magnification model. Measuring almost an inch shorter than the current Trijicon ACOG 1.5x model, this four inch long scope will offer a reduced profile and lighter weight, making it an excellent optic for carry handles or on a flat-top SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). There is also a newly designed circle dot reticle for faster target acquisition. As with all Trijicon ACOGs, the new 1.5x model is dry nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging, is waterproof to 328-feet, features multi-coated lenses to provide superior clarity and light-gathering capabilities with zero distortion, has battery-free illumination, is encased in a forged 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum housing, and utilizes built-in fiber optics to automatically adjust the brightness level and contrast of Trijicon’s illuminated tritium reticle.

Additionally, new ACOG models will be available with green reticles, as well as horseshoe shaped recticles that were requested by the US Military.  For more information on Trijicon and their products, check out Now all I need is a rifle on which to mount an ACOG…


  1. EOTECH seems to have come out with some miniaturized variants of their stuff, as well… At least that I can afford.

    The ACOGs I just drooled over whenever we had our Marines onboard my last ship…

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