It's called double action for a reason

I concur!

Shooting double action offers several benefits. First and foremost, if one carries a revolver, chances are it will be used in double action if it is ever needed. The ability to get consistent hits with the long heavy trigger pull is important. Secondly, if a shooter can learn to shoot accurately with a double action revolver, then they can shoot almost any handgun accurately.

I never got shooting a DA revolver in single action mode, I mean – you paid extra for double action, you should use it!


  1. The single action part is for long range precision work.
    (I used to shoot the Steel Silhouette stuff with a S&W Model 29) These days, I actually get better groups with my Model 19, double action, than I do with my Glock 36 carry gun. Often prompting me to ask why I carry the Glock? (it’s smaller, lighter, and conceals easier). 🙂

  2. I agree with GreyBeard. Single action does nicely for making a more accurate hit. If I were hunting with a double action revolver, I might use my single action to get the best shot possible into a deer or elk. But if I get rushed by a bear, I have those fast double action shots to get several hits in. I just really like to be able to have that single action available. But I also recognize for defensive work double action is where its at. So I went with a bodyguard hammer. I really wish they made a fullsized revolver with that.

  3. Thanks for the link Caleb. The fellows above are indeed correct. I simply seem to concentrate on defensive shooting, therefore double action.

  4. If my Dan Wesson was a self defense piece, I’d be right there with you. However, the trigger pull is measured in metric tons rather than pounds, or at least it feels that way. The SA firing is hair trigger like and when I hit the range with it, I’m usually going for accuracy anyway.

    I do run it through DA though from time to time. Oddly, I did some dry firing last night in DA.

    I should check into seeing if I can get the pull lightened a little bit.

  5. I had a lighter spring in my DW 12, but I was getting weak hits and non-ignition. So I put in a new factory spring, at did nothing else. I think that short action is a disadvantage in some ways. I laughed when I read Robb’s description. Yup, now mine’s /at least/ 15 pounds in DA, but still a crisp SA trigger with no creep.

    But just for the heck of it, I put on the 2.5 incher and the “service” stocks, and fired a couple hundred rounds, double-action, at 7 yards. Just like with the awful trigger on my 4506, I got used to it. Was I able to shoot as well as X with his K-Frame? That’s a negative.

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