The Brady Campaign to Increase Fail

I have a theory about our friends over at the Brady Campaign – they’re not really an anti-gun group, they’re actually a group that exists to make you feel better about yourself. You see, whenever the Brady Campaign utterly fails at something, no matter how down in the dumps I am, I can always say “well, at least I don’t work for the Brady Campaign.” Note the latest example, wherein the BC tries to equate semi-automatic rifles to being “the same” as full auto machine guns, the latter already being generally illegal.

It would be cute, if it weren’t for the fact that the rebuttal from NSSF cleans their little clock, and explains the difference in a way that accurate reflects the nature of semi-automatic rifles. Read the NSSF’s well-aimed response here.

It’s nice to know that no matter how much I may fail at anything, I’ll never fail as hard as the Brady Campaign.


  1. But Caleb, that is the disarmer way. They expect to a) remain completely ignorant about anything even remotely related to firearms, and b) still win arguments. Ever consider using that method in your pistol matches? Oh wait, it’s too late for that–you already approached the task like a reasonable, intelligent person, and bothered to learn something beforehand.

  2. *snickers* That is part of the reason I watch “Destroyed in Seconds” – it stands to remind me that no matter how sucky my life might seem a few minutes ago, it is so much better than those people’s.

    I guess everyone has a purpose… the Brady Campaign’s is just to stand as an example of how ignorant idiots will repeatedly lose battles becase they are ignorant idiots. There are worse causes to serve in life…

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