Wild Bunch Shooting

If you didn’t know, the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) added a new competitive class for Wild Bunch shooting, where the shooters use 1911s, major caliber lever guns, and 12 gauge Winchester ’97 style shotguns. Despite the “costuming” requirement that I keep getting hung up on, if I’m going to take up cowboy shooting, it would definitely be in Wild Bunch Shooting – 1911s and fully loaded shotguns are a lot more my speed than single action Colts. Michael Bane is also apparently a HUGE fan of Wild Bunch Action Shooting, and is going to be taking major steps to promote the game at the upcoming End of Trail matches. From his blog:

Our initial efforts will be at this year’s End of Trail, the cowboy world championships, in June. DRTV and Evil Roy will be proving the super-deluxe trophies for the match, and we will be lining up a heart-breaking selection of prizes for the participants, including 1911s, magazines, custom Wild Bunch leather and other things you really really want. In keeping with the spirit if cowboy action shooting, the prizes will be given away to registered Wild Bunch shooters by drawing at the match.

Wild Bunch shooting as a major national shooting sport? I can dig it. Another great way to get shooters into the game, and get some of those IPSC/IDPA guys into Cowboy Shooting.