Para Ordnance 7.45 LDA

From various sources, I recently acquired a Para Ordnance 7.45 LDA – a “Government” sized 1911, with a standard guide rod, the classic style thumb safety – finally John Moses Browning would smile on me, except that the gun is set up with with ParaUSA’s proprietary Light Double Action trigger. (Note – Para Ordnance is now officially ParaUSA, having relocated their entire operation to the United States)

From 03-01-2009

My gun is wearing Novak night sights, and while the outside of the gun is a little beat up, the inside is pristine. I took it to the range yesterday and sent about 150 rounds through it, part of which was to simulate the 10 yard course of fire from The Practical stage of Bianchi Cup. The gun is definitely accurate enough for action pistol, as with a little bit of effort I was able to shoot some pretty solid groups.

When it’s in its component pieces, the only difference between the LDA and a regular 1911 is the fire control group, which (of course) is the Light Double Action system.

From 03-01-2009

For people who have never fired an LDA before, imagine the best Glock trigger in the world, and then make it crisp and clean, and that’s your factory LDA trigger. Mine breaks at about 5 pounds, and because of the crisp break it allows me to control the first shot, as well as rapid follow ups, which is especially important for the weak hand part of the The Practical stage of Bianchi Cup.

Of course, the best part of the gun is that it’s a single stack – after a lot of shooting and experimentation, I found that I shoot single stack gun a lot better than I do a double stack gun, probably because my hands can really “get on” a single stack better. As you can see in the below picture, the Todd Jarrett kung fu grip is extremely easy to execute on a single stack gun, even for a guy with medium sized hands like mine.

From 03-01-2009

I’ve got a lot more shooting to do with this gun, but initial impressions are pretty favorable. Since I plan on competing with it (Limited-10), I need to get another one just like it, because 2 is 1 and 1 is none.


  1. I think you’ll like the LDA trigger more as you use it. I carry three pistols in rotation. One is a Para CCO—an Officer sized, single stack 1911. The only issue I have with it is the stub in place of a beaver tail. Whenever I shoot it, I’m assured of leaving blood on the slide where it cuts me between thumb and forefinger. Two nice parallel cuts that bleed like stuck pigs. Glad the pistol is stainless but it also requires prompt cleaning.

  2. Nice shootin’ iron, Caleb! I’ve always been intrigued by the LDA trigger. Plus, Para’s one of the few gun manufacturers to get their line MA certified. I’ve been thinking about one of their micro LDAs, although the new S&W 1911 has made the decision making process more difficult…

  3. Para has a really good thing going with the LDA. I always considered my C6.45LDA to be one of the finest CCW pistols ever designed. Except they went with a cast slide, dagnabbit!

    Enjoy! there is nothing like a new used gun.

  4. “At least I’ll have an ass that won’t quit…”

    Yes, that comes in handy if you are ever raped….. LOL

    Anywa, nice heater. Nothing like a .45 that makes the the heart flutter. Now if you can find ammo for it, you will be in business!

  5. I’ve a p14.45 LDA. I must admit its a very interesting trigger. Butter smooth.

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