Guns and Mexico

It would seem that the “American guns are fueling Mexican crime” meme (which by the way, is a complete fabrication) has managed to make it’s way all the way to the top, as Attorney General Lando CalrissianEric Holder used it as part of his justification for “renewing the assault weapons ban“. Thanks to Tam for the link, we see the following lines from AG Holder:

“I think that will have a positive impact in Mexico, at a minimum.” Holder said at a news conference on the arrest of more than 700 people in a drug enforcement crackdown on Mexican drug cartels operating in the U.S.
Mexican government officials have complained that the availability of sophisticated guns from the United States have emboldened drug traffickers to fight over access routes into the U.S.

Of course, the very next thing he says is that the cartels in Mexico have been using “automatic weapons and grenades”, which is a direct quote. Now, Mr. Attorney General, seeing as it’s your job to enforce the laws of the land, maybe you know those automatic weapons sure didn’t come from here, and if they did then IT’S ALREADY ILLEGAL ANYWAY.

So here we are, barely a month into the new administration, and the spectre of a new ban has already reared its ugly head. I do sincerely hope that Congress learned from 1994, where an assault weapons ban cost a lot of them their jobs. The “blue dogs” that ran as pro-gun Democrats are going to have to quite literally “stick to their guns”.

I strongly encourage everyone to start writing, faxing, and emailing your reps right now – don’t wait until the legislation exists, but start now telling them that you oppose, and they should strongly oppose any legislation to ban assault weapons or to further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.


  1. Unfortunately for us, these anointed elitists who just got coronated are going to stick it to us for the past 10 years of not getting precisely what they wanted.
    When are the republicans going to grow some cojones and fight back against this liberal drivel.
    I’m afraid we’re in for a rough four years.

  2. I couldn’t disagree agree more with your comments.

    My background and couple of comments:

    I am an American that is retired and living in Mexico full time and have lived here for the last 8 years. I don’t smoke, drink or use drugs and don’t moralize about those that do as long as they don’t infringe on my space.

    Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know frijoles (beans) about the gun trafficking into Mexico. It is common knowledge and well documented that most of the high priced fire power that the narco-traffickers have in Mexico is coming in illegally from the US.

    It never ceases to amaze me that the same people that wrap themselves in the American flag and proclaim that their ‘God given’ 2nd amendment rights allow them to own almost any weapon under the sun, in the same breath say that Iran or North Korean shouldn’t be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

    I agree that Iran or North Korean and probably Pakistan shouldn’t have nuclear weapons. And Joe Six Pack down the street has no business owning or selling an AK47 or Browning M2 heavy machine gun for that matter.

    Some say after forty years, there has been NO PROGRESS in the drug war.

    If you are apart of DEA, ONDCP and other ‘law enforcement agencies’ you have seen your operations and budgets grow. Your departments also get a piece of the drug bust ‘action’ to fund you program.

    If you are manufacturer of military gear that is used to fight the War on Drugs you have also seen growth & profits.

    If you are a politician, you have a moral cause to fight against. It’s a source campaign rhetoric and donor funding.

    If you are in the leadership position of a drug cartel you own one of the world’ largest and profitable untaxed enterprises and you will do anything to keep it that way.

    So legalization would eliminate the above referenced ‘progress’.

    Guns, bullets and government troops don’t strike fear into a narco-traffickers hearts, only legalization does and the prospect of greatly reduced profits.

  3. Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know frijoles (beans) about the gun trafficking into Mexico. It is common knowledge and well documented that most of the high priced fire power that the narco-traffickers have in Mexico is coming in illegally from the US.

    You say “well document” – well documented by whom, exactly? Because there is a key flaw in your logic – the “high priced fire power” that’s in Mexico is illegal in the US, bucko.

    Now, it doesn’t take a super-genius to know that 1) it’s easy to smuggle stuff into Mexico through Central America, and 2) automatic weapons are readily available in South and central America. Sooo…follow the logic. Or you could continue to believe the hype and bullcrap that people are walking across the border and buying AKs at gunshows.

  4. Words matter. It is all ready illeagle to buy asualt weopons in the U.S.A
    If in fact mexico drug lords are using such weopons i would look to the well known corrupt mexican military and find out who is selling the automatic weopons to the drug lords in mexico. Mexican gov. wont even release the serial # of the weopons the have captured from the Gangsters.
    God Bless The U.S.A.

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