Fire mission!

If you listened to last night’s show on Gun Nuts Radio then you heard me mention Facebook at the top half of the show.  If you’re a member of Facebook, I’d like you to consider joining the Fans of Gun Nuts Media group on Facebook, because I have a goal.  This morning, as of about 0730 Eastern, the Fans of Gun Nuts group had just over 300 members, and the Brady Campaign group had over 630.

I want the Fans of Gun Nuts group to have more members on Facebook than the Brady Campaign, straight up.  We, gun owners, are the real grassroots.  There is no reason that the anti’s should have more members on their Facebook group than we do, so if you’re a member of Facebook and not a member of the Fans of Gun Nuts Group, then please join.

If you’re not a member of facebook, joining is easy.  All you have to do is go to, sign up, and then search for “Gun Nuts Media” on their little search utility to find the group.

We’re already halfway to our goal, let’s get the rest of the way – we already have more members in the Fans of Gun Nuts Group than AHSA has members, so let’s get more members than the Brady Campaign has on Facebook.

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