3-2-1 Reasoned Discourse!

As a dog returns to its vomit, so doth the lefty bloggers close comments.

The guy that Unc and Tam linked to who was soilin’ his trousers over Freepers, being, well, Freepers, has closed his comments.  It’s almost like a script.

  1. Post some hysterical bullcrap
  2. Get called on it
  3. Close comments.

***And let me say this to anyone who wants to minimize this or make excuses for these rightwing domestic terrorists– your comments will be deleted. This post is not open for debate.***

Comments, yes. Debate, no.

Comments are officially closed.


  1. Off topic – I haven’t seen you to give you your movie back. . . but I linked GNR on my post about 20 favorite movies ,which included that one.

    Hopefully we’ll meet up over a cold one with the gang soon.

  2. Hell, the girl honestly believed that the chimp cartoon was “racist” – you honestly did not think she could hold her own in an open forum concerning firearms and the validity (or not) of supposed threats based off comments from the internet, did you? Her, “Commets, yes. Debate, no,” comment says everything – she wants her weblog (and its comments section) to be nothing more than an echo chamber, and will do everything necessary to ensure that – including deleting comments and closing them when they get “out of hand”.

    Oy. It amazes me how people like that can effectively function in society.

  3. Oy. It amazes me how people like that can effectively function in society.

    Simple… Fingers in ears and screaming “LALALALALALALA!” at the top of their lungs…

    BTW, Caleb, thanks for saying Marshmallow!

    I owe you a beer – see you in Indy one of these days!

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