Building a Bianchi Cup revolver

In my never-ending quest to read everything I can about Bianchi Cup, I stumbled across this very old (think 13 years) article in Gun-Tests about how to build a revolver for open division in Bianchi Cup.  Unlike a lot of shooting sports, Bianchi is one game where the revolver is not handicapped – all strings of fire are six shots or less, and there are no “on-the-clock” reloads in Bianchi Cup.  That means that if you can master the trigger pull on your wheelgun, you’re in just as good a competitive positition as someone with a 1911 or what-have-you.

In fact, at last year’s Cup, Jerry Miculek almost won the Metallic Division with a revolver, being edged out by one “X” by the winner.

There’s also another advantage that a wheelgun has (so does a true DAO auto, for that matter) – dry fire.  While “ammo” isn’t usually a problem for sponsored professional shooters, for the average joe the expense of shooting can add up.  However, if you competitive gun is a wheelgun, you have the advantage of being able to practice every aspect of a match except for recoil control from the safety and comfort of your own home.