Tonight on Gun Nuts Radio: More chicks and guns

That’s right, tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio we will be revisiting one of our all time most popular topics, women and the shooting sports.  Joining us tonight will be Pax, from The Firing Line and The Cornered Cat, as well as a couple of other guests.  We’ll be looking primarily tonight at the social issues around women carrying firearms in today’s world, how they’re treated, how other women react, and even “what to tell your mom.”

Join us live tonight at 9pm Eastern time for the fastest hour on the internet!  As usual, you’re invited to join the conversation in the chat room at or to call in live at 347-539-5436!  See you there at 9pm!

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  1. ARGH! I missed it! I was looking forward to the show all day, and I didn’t get home in time. It’s been one of those weeks. I will settle for the podcast. Thanks for talking about girls and guns…. it’s good stuff!

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