IDPA Match is off

The IDPA match that had been planned for this weekend at Atlanta Conservation Club has now been canceled, it seems that the range is now “Lake Atlanta”.  The snow melt combined with the 3 or 5 or whatever inches of rain we’ve gotten the past few days combined to put the range, which sits at the bottom of a hill, about 3 feet under water.

So, technically, we could have shot, I would have just needed SCUBA gear and a Glock (because Hollywood told me Glocks shoot underwater).


  1. They do…

    Even the Glock website says they do…


    a) the bullets might not fire due to the primer.

    b) the are special precautions and training, which need to be put in place so you do not blow up your ear drums or crush your lungs due to the increased pressures.

    And I remember reading that there is a special kit that is sold for underwater use. I think for the Glock 17 only. But you’ve really got to know what you’re doing. If you fire next to a rock, the concussion wave may hit the rock, bounce off and injure or kill you. Also heard that you should NOT use hollow point bullets.

    Even dumber than shooting under water, is sticking the barrel into the water and shooting. In which case, the bullet launches at full speed but within inches impacts into water. Which though fluid, at such pressure might as well be solid steel. The result is an exploded gun, and shredded hand flesh.

  2. Turk, I’ll try to make it. I’m running a bit of a head cold right now, but I’m hoping I’ll feel better by Sunday. Plus, I need to network.

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