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I know that many of the readers here at Gun Nuts are also regular listeners at Gun Nuts Radio.  So, I suddenly find myself with a decent amount of free time, at least for the time being, and I’m wondering how you would respond to an increase in the number of shows that we do each week?  What I’ve got in mind is doing three more shows – Mon, Wed, Fri that are 30 minutes long, and cover “news of the day”, including political stuff, gun news, etc.  I can’t guarantee that the Breda will participate in every show, but I figure she’d be around for some of them.

Update: Since there has been some confusion, I want to make it clear that a M-W-F show, or a M-F show would not replace the Tuesday night show, which would still be our primary vehicle. The point and purpose of a M-F or M-W-F show would be to allow greater market saturation.


  1. I’d be in, and would listen to it on pod cast if nothing else.

    You might consider doing two different pod casts, one for the regular Tues night show, and one for the daily shows.


  2. Probably. But I have some new found free time, so I figure I might as well try to cash in on that in whatever way I can. And if that means spending more time on BTR, then so be it.

  3. I just discovered gunnuts a few weeks ago (during ShotSHOW), but a few shows spread out would be cool assuming not everyone is about Politics. I don’t usually listen live but always grab it the next day and listen at work. If Breda can’t make it maybe you could get some other bloggers to make a guest appearance (Snowflakeinhell, Say Uncle, akeyboardanda45 etc).


  4. So if I understand you correctly, you want to cover all the stuff on the radio, that has already been done by the bloggers and the media? It’s just crazy enough to work.

  5. Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about. I don’t want to start a thrice a week show at the cost of my Tuesday night listeners; but at the same time being on the air when people can stream it live at work gives me a whole new market to penetrate.

  6. I think I’d prefer a somewhat different format….

    I’d prefer 5 shows, at 2-4 minutes in length. A sort of “wake up in the morning and get your guns news from yesterday”.

    Kind of similar to how many radio stations have the 2-5 minute sports update. Or the morning weather report. They’re not shows, they’re just news bits.

    I think this would be pretty cool…wouldn’t take much time. And people might subscribe to it as a morning coffee cup routine.

  7. Voted ‘no’ – not because I dislike the show, but because I DO like the show and don’t want to see you and Breda burn out on doing it. It would be far better to have fewer high quality shows that you enjoy doing than more shows where you’re having problems with quality and the time it takes to plan and perform – especially when it’s more a hobby than business. Just my $0.02.

  8. I’ve listened in a few times, but the length was too long for me. My preference is a shorter show, more often. I can fit that into my schedule much better.

    As is, your show is during dinner and finishing the day. Not a good time for me.

    Just my $0.02.

  9. I voted “depends on content.” I think you and Breda have a good thing going on Tuesday nights. I don’t catch it live often and generally end up listening to the podcast, but you two have a good format and a good following. I think an ‘expansion’ or ‘spin-off’ of the show would be good idea, but I would hate to see it become detrimental to the Tuesday shows.


  10. I voted no, because I think three shows a week would lead to burnout, plus having to fight to get/cover new material. It is hard enough for most of us to get one night dedicated, not because we don’t want to, but because of the pace of our lives. Personally, I’d like to see Tues become a 90 minute show at least once a month. I think what you will see is a varied input, due to different time zones too.

  11. It appears that this is in addition to the Tuesday show…

    I don’t listen to the archived shows much, as it’s a lot more interesting for me to listen live and participate in chat. I have a hard enough time remembering the show you already have (for some reason, Tuesday nights are particularly prone to zoning out/brain farts), so I’m not really sure how often I would catch a M-W-F set of shows. Then again, abbreviated shows would probably be easier to listen to on a “podcast” basis, so it may work. Fridays are relatively reserved for other social activities by many, so I’m not sure you would get much live listenership that night.

    I don’t understand all the logistics of putting it together, but it seems that there is ample demand to lengthen the current show. It seems we’re though just as we’re getting started most times.

  12. I voted no. I would rather have you do one high quality show than two or three fair to poor shows a week.

  13. I said no, not because I’m against you offering more content, but because I’d hate to see the longer format go away completely (or suffer because the content is being spread among so many broadcasts). The Tuesday show gives you a chance to explore some topics with depth unattainable in 30-minute segments (particularly given the numerous side-bars that tend to spring up in conversation – ha!). I like that and fear Change®, so naturally I’m digging in my heels.

    fwiw, I *am* on board with you working to grow your exposure by broadcasting a shorter format show at a time convenient for folks to stream live during the workday, too.

    My druthers? I’d say keep the Tuesday show as is, but try a 30 minute show Thurs or Fri during the workday. Recap the news, talk up competitions taking place that weekend, and/or revisit/expand on topics you didn’t get to fully explore during Tuesday’s show w/ Teh Breda.

    Cheers in any case.

  14. Voted no.

    You guys do a great job, once a week.

    You go and make triple the obligation, and it’s going to get ya burned out.

    No slight to your talk radio abilities, not even a little . It just seems like biting off a bit more than y’all can chew right this moment.

    That, and I can’t do more than a night a week, listening to it in real time anyway.

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