Why don't these gun nuts just quit?

Seems to be a recurring theme in the blogosphere – minor league blogger posts “RARARARGHGHG GUN R TEH SUXXORS“, gets pwnt all over the place by pro gun people in the comments, and then takes his ball and goes home.  Of course, the icing on the proverbial cake is the whole smarmy nature of his posts.  I can also attest with 100% fact that he doesn’t approve comments he doesn’t like, as one of mine is still hanging out in moderation.

Throughout all of this, there seems to be almost a feeling of “why don’t these stupid gun nuts get it?”, as though you and I will wake up one morning and realize that we’d be wrong all along, and guns are evil.

Funny though…we’re not the ones deleting comments we don’t like and then shutting down the ability to comment on posts because we’re getting our lunch served to us.


  1. He’s welcome to come take an ass-whuppin’ like a grownup over at VFTP. I promise I won’t close the comments section on him.

  2. “I promise I won’t close the comments section on him.”

    And neither will any of us. Of course unlike him we’re not intellectual cowards.

  3. Caleb;

    Message in moderation? Nope.

    I returned several digressive and/or obscenity-riddled rants to the writers. Did you use a dud email address?

    I close comments when they become absurdly long and tiresome (like CNN and others do). No one scrolls down to read excessive comments, not even the commenters — that’s why there is so much repetition.

    I put in links to your site and others, and all pingbacks are live, so what’s your beef?

    Frankly, this shrill, disproportionate over-reaction to a humorous observation is making no friends for your cause among the uncommitted. Think about it.



  4. Mike, I made a comment last night that never showed up – I was logged in to my WordPress account.

    That being said, I don’t think anyone here is going to be all broken up about you not becoming a convert to our side. At the risk of sounding like an asshole, your stuck up pretension ,refusal to listen or acknowledge opposing arguments, arguments from false authority, and general air of “why won’t these peasants leave me alone” means I’ll be able to sleep okay knowing I didn’t convert you.

    Plus, that means I can focus those energies on people who are truly open minded on the subject, and don’t just pay lip service to open discussion.

    Let me know when you’re ready to to play in the big kid sandbox, and we’ll talk.

  5. “I returned several digressive and/or obscenity-riddled rants to the writers.”

    Those “Returned” and edited comments can be observed on respective blogs (I have a link-farm on the top of my blog right now)

    We’re well aware how you like to play, Mike, there’s no need to lie.

    Like Ahab, I’m hardly concerned about not converting an arrogant ignoramus like you over to our argument.

    I am quite pleased to see all the eyes that are on you and your childish means of dealing with opposing views.

    You’re an asshole, Mike, and the whole world can see. That makes me smile. Simple pleasures are the best.

  6. I am curious, Mike – how was my comment a “digressive and/or obscenity-riddled rant”?

    Was addressing your ignorance concerning the Founding Fathers and their views concerning firearm ownership “digressive”?

    Was me questioning every single one of your baseless, proofless, and erroneous accusations “obscenity-riddled”?

    Was me requesting clarification on some of your more idiotic comments a combination of the two?

    Mike, I am very sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you are a liar and a scoundrel, and, as prevoius commenters have already pointed out, an asshole to boot. Your narrow-minded bigotry could not brook being questioned, and your only recourse was to grab your marbles and run home, fingers in your ears, repeating your ad hominems to yourself to drown out reality.

    That is just sad.

  7. George – Not possible. If he does actual research he’ll have to admit that his position is wrong. He can’t do that, because it’d be a denial of his emotional belief system.

  8. “I returned several digressive and/or obscenity-riddled rants to the writers.”

    Bullshit Mike. You “edited” away my comment because it was too long. I’m sorry I had too many quotes and historical references disproving the BS you were spewing.

    But I guess you just can’t handle the truth.

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