Bianchi Cup Practice

I missed out on my weekend shooty goodness so tonight I’ll be treading to my friendly indoor shooting range to “bust a few caps”.

Primarily, I’m going to be focusing on practicing for Bianchi Cup; since I haven’t yet received the reduced targets, tonight I’ll be focusing on the 10 and 15 yard stages of the “Practical Event.”  That means bringing a timer and setting the par time to keep me from shooting past the buzzer.  I’ve ordered a bunch of “AP-2” targets, which are a reduced version of the standard NRA Action Pistol target.  These allow you to practice the 25 yard and 50 yard stages at ranges of 25 and 50 feet, respectively if you are limited on the amount of range that you can use.

I guess tonight will be my first official practice session for The Cup – beginning my 3 month training regimen of “getting knee deep in brass.”