Welcome to the new house of Ahab

This marks the second time in two years of blogging that I’ve moved, but I’m thinking that it will also be the last time. If you got here by typing www.nrahab.com into your browser, don’t worry this is the right place.  It seems like every year I go to SHOT SHOW, I get an even better idea than I had the year before, and this is no exception.  One of the things I encountered at SHOT was a bit of confusion over my old domain name – namely, what does “Ahab” have to do with Gun Nuts Media?

As I continue grinding developments on my budding media empire (note: not an empire), I realized that I needed better branding for the main blog, and so www.gunnuts.net was born.  If you subscribe to Call me Ahab via RSS, the new feed URL is http://gunnuts.net/feed – and this one doesn’t have the formatting problems I was having with my old theme.  I will miss the rotating header image though.

For what it’s worth, welcome aboard again.  This should be a much easier transition than the last move.


  1. No, I’m just updating it real slow like. My blogroll at the old place was a travesty, so I’m trying to avoid that here.

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