M&P Pro approved for Production Division

Back at SHOT SHOW 2009, one of the guys at the S&W booth mentioned offhand that the M&P Pro was about to be approved for production division. USPSA officially released the announcement yesterday that the pistol has been approved for Production division, having met the requirement of 2000 units produced. Of course, in the press release there is a list of people on Team S&W who will be shooting the new Pro series in any Production division matches:

This year several of the Team S&W members are expected to compete with the newly approved M&P Pro Series model including Gordon Carrell, Jeff Degracia, BJ Norris, Dave Olhasso and Gilbert Perez. Julie Golob, Doug Keonig and Jerry and Kay Miculek are also expected to shoot the Pro Series in any Production Division competitions they enter.

One of the things that was noticed by more than a few people during last year is how large S&W “Pro Team” is. They easily have the largest number of factory sponsored shooters in the field, and often grab up new talent as fast as it comes on the scene. At this rate, S&W is going to end up as the Yankees of practical shooting.