Major IDPA Matches

The IDPA website has a neat little button where you can click in and see the upcoming major matches that are going to be in your area. The big one I wanted to go to was the Indoor Championships at the S&W facility, but that’s just not going to happen this year. However, there are several state championships that look like I’ll be able to swing around to, since they’re in my neck of the woods:

  1. SC State Championship, Columbia, SC April 25th
  2. IL State Championship, June 14th Plainfield IL
  3. PA State Championship, June 19th-21st, New Tripoli PA
  4. (If I can convince my wife) The WA State Championship, August 15th Renton, WA
  5. Indiana State IDPA Championship (Date TBD) in Atlanta, IN

That’d be five state championships, and I’m hoping to also get down to PA for the IDPA national championships this year, in addition to shooting Bianchi Cup. If I can get to 5-10 major matches in a year, plus the 3 or 4 club matches per month that I shoot…well, that’ll be a lot of bullets downrange.