Off to Tennessee

I’m heading out to Tennessee today to go shoot the Tactical Pistol Match in Maryville this weekend.  I’m worried about driving through Kentucky, as my understand is that they were on the receiving end of a lot of ice during this past winter weather funfest, so I am concerned about the condition of I75 South.

If any of my intreprid readers live in that corridor, any information on the road conditions would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Ahab and I will be taking a much needed vacation; with the combined bonus of me getting some more trigger time on my blaster.   It will be nice to get away from work for a bit, especially since my “getting away from work” also puts me in the running for some sweet prizes off the prize table at the Tactical Pistol Match.  Plus, it’s supposed to be 58 in TN on Sunday.  That’s about 30 degrees warmer than it will be here.


  1. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit, HQ in Knoxville) was emailed from someone in KY:

    [i]READER MARK LITTLEHALE WRITES FROM MADISON, KENTUCKY: “Please let everyone know that we have been without power since Tuesday. We have over two thousand poles down. My hospital has been on backup power since tuesday . Send generators and gas cans.” But he can still communicate via iPhone.

    Posted at 10:33 am by Glenn Reynolds[/i]

    Also, here’s another resource for you:

    Mrs. JT is currently in M’ville and so far hasn’t reported any problems there. The problems seems to be north of Knoxville.

    Good luck and stay safe.

  2. Just checked the MesoWest and ADDS-METARs met sites. Looks like any problems you have will be from just north of Lexington to just north of Williamsburg. Lexington is currently reporting light-to-moderate snow and 27 degrees, wind gusts 14 from WSW. Several of the KY-DOT stations are not reporting data along I-75 between Lexington and Corbin and are probably “down” from power failure. “Sporty” is right.

  3. Mrs. JT just reported snow flurries starting between Knoxville and Maryville. TYS airport between Maryville and Knoxville is reporting 35 degrees.

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