So begins the XD build

I have the work order and everything ready to send the XD off to Springfield Armory’s Custom Shop – when I get back from Tennessee this weekend, I’ll box her up and send her out.

I’m going to have the factory sights knocked off and replaced with a set of non-adjustable target sights, so I can get that “black-on-black” sight picture that I crave.  I’ve never liked three dot sights for competition, I feel like it creates too much clutter in the sight picture.  I’m also going to have the slide/frame/barrel fit tightened up to improve the mechanical accuracy of the gun – I don’t think I’ll need to put a “match-grade” barrel in there to get the kind of accuracy I’m going to be shooting for.

The one thing I’m not going to mess with is the trigger pull – the factory trigger on this gun is fine, and beyond that it’s going to change as the round count piles up for this gun.  There really isn’t a whole lot of sense in me modifying a trigger pull that hasn’t yet completely broken in; especially since all the reports I’ve seen on this gun indicate that the more BBs I shoot out of it, the better the trigger will be.

There are a lot of pretty radical modifications available from the Springfield Custom Shop as well – but I’m actually quite happy with the stock configuration of the gun, with the noted exception of the sights.  I guess I just expect better than generic 3-dot post sights on a “Tactical” model.


  1. Can they put a safety on it? I have an XD Tactical and would like a safety so I can keep it with “one in the pipe.”

  2. Caleb, I’m with you on the sights, but I have to disagree on leaving the trigger stock on a competition gun. My XD45s I kept stock for defensive use, but my competition XD9 Tactical I had worked on by a smith. I think the stock trigger is great for a defensive pistol, but for my competition gun I had the trigger pull lightened and reset shortened.

    By the way, what ever happened to that GP100 holster I won last month? It’s no big deal if it got lost in the mail, just wondering what happened to it.

  3. Also, by that group you posted a couple days ago, I doubt tightening the frame/slide/barrel fit will do much.

  4. The thing about the trigger pull is that I will probably have it adjusted down the road. I probably would have been more clear in that there’s no sense in having a trigger job done on a gun that’s only had 200 rounds through it and hasn’t really been broken in yet. After 5 or 6 thousand rounds, once the trigger has settled, then I’ll start thinking about a trigger job.

  5. That’s exactly what I was thinking, but failed to put in my comments. And if you do decide to go for a trigger job, once again I can’t recommend Bob Hostetter enough. He’s local to me, but he really knows his XDs and 1911s. The XD forums give high praises to Springer Precision, but I’ve seen both their works and can say that Hostetter’s work is superior.

  6. my xd 45 went from a heavy 6 pound to just under 5 after about 500 rounds. check out springer persion they did the trigger om my xdm9 it is a crisp 3.5 and i love it for uspsa.

  7. Yeah, once I put 1 or 2 thousand rounds through it I’m going to send it to the Springer Precision cats and have them adjust the trigger down to 4 lbs.

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