Gun Nuts: Better Shooting through Science

Last night’s Gun Nuts, aptly titled “Better Shooting Through Science” was a great show to do – the sheer volume of call ins from people sharing their shooting experiences and their tips and tricks to become a better shooter was absolutely fantastic.  Notable among those calls was a call-in from the Texas State High Power Rifle Champion, who was kind enough to share his wisdom on one of the most critical aspects of shooting: the natural point of aim. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it – you can just listen to the show.

Of course, you can also download the .mp3 file of the show if you’d like to listen to it that.

If you’d like to simply subscribe to our show so it downloads automatically into your iTunes, you can follow the simple instructions at this link to set up Gun Nuts for iTunes (and Zune), or you can visit the “iTunes Store” and do a search for “Gun Nuts”, which will lead you to the downloadable podcasts.

Also new on the shows, is that if you click direct link to the show itself, you’ll get to see our product of the week, you can purchase off of Each week we’ll feature a product that ties into the subject of the show. This week it was Jeff Cooper’s excellent book “Principles of Personal Defense”.

Join us next week, when we’ll have Gordon Hutchinson on the show, the author of “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab”, who will be talking about his experiences in Louisiana during and after Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent illegal firearms confiscations.


  1. I got some good stuff from it – and listened to myself this morning. Painful. And quiet. Hm.

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