.338 Xtreme Rifle

Here’s another fun product from SHOT SHOW 2009 – the .338 Xtreme Rifle and cartridge combo from Xtrememachining.  The cartridge itself is based on the .505 Gibbs, and according to Xtrememachining’s website, produces some pretty impressive ballistics; a muzzle velocity of 3350 fps.  At 2000 yards (not a typo) it has a velocity of 1359 FPS and an energy of 1091 foot pounds.  Their website also claims sub MOA accuracy at 2000 yards and beyond.

Of course, the rifle itself is a beast.  From a distance, I thought it was a .50 caliber based on the size of the gun.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

The round is no slouch in the size department either.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

The round is manufactured by my friends at International Cartridge Corporation, which based on my experience with their ammo means that it’s a quality round with excellent attention to detail paid to the loads. If you live in a state/locality that bans .50 BMG rifles, you probably could do just as well in the “long range blaster” with one of these .338 Xtreme Tactical Rifles.


  1. It’s a cool looking rifle, and it sounds like it’s accompanied by a good cartridge. I want to like it, I really do.

    But something about the “xtreme” name just makes me want to punch my monitor.

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