Practical Shooting Report

From Paul Erhardt at’s blog, comes several interviews with top practical shooters about their sports gathered during SHOT SHOW 2009.

Chris Edwards/GSSF

Bob Vogel

Jessie Abbate

BJ Norris

Tom Hines

Julie Golob

Competitive shooting has been on a definite upswing lately, receiving more attention in the mainstream media as well as an influx of new shooters.  If you look at USPSA or IDPA, you’ll see a lot of people getting started in the Production/SSP divisions with their Glocks or Sigs or Berettas, and then they end up hooked on the game and graduate to the hard drugs – Limited/CDP/Single Stack/et al with super trick guns and high-capacity magazines.  I should point out that I’m not knocking Production guns, it just has the lowest bar for entry of all the divisions.