Todd Jarrett is faster than my camera

During SHOT SHOW 2009, Todd Jarrett was doing his usual demonstrations to the crowd, part of which was him doing draws from a level 2 Serpa holster against the clock.  I set my camera to “full automatic” (i.e. hold down the shutter button to take pictures as long as it’s pressed) to try and get his draw motion.  At the shutter speed I needed to get enough light into the picture, this proved to be a futile effort.   Picture one was taken immediately after the buzzer, and catches the beginning of Todd’s reaction.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

By the time the shutter clicked the second time, it was all over.

From SHOT SHOW 2009


  1. Try and get pictures of Jerry Miculek firing.

    Broad daylight wide open stop at a good hyperfocal distance from a 6FPS pro digital camera, and still nothing but a blur.

  2. “That’s why you need a camcorder.”

    Caleb needs a fundraiser. Though I’m curious as to if there would be any embezzlement for EBRs.

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