1. Hmmm.

    It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but the case hardening looks out of place with the adjustable sights and the extended beavertail IMHO…

  2. It’s pretty, yes… but … not … right.

    Case coloring belongs on single-action wheelguns and SxS shotguns, not on autos. 🙂

  3. In other news, and feel free to delete this when read, what happened to your archive links? They all go to a blank page with a link for “vpn service” and nothing more.

  4. Yeah, I’d want different sights on a gun like that if I meant it to be a BBQ gun.

    But the picture doesn’t do this gun justice. It is pure sexiness.

    “Easily the sexiest 1911 I saw at all of SHOT SHOW 2009.” It is easily the sexiest handgun at SHOT Show period.

    Now, the sexy long-gun selection at SHOT is another story. Matched sets of Perazzi shotguns, engraved Blaser rifles… I was dehydrated from drooling so much.

  5. Yes, the “categories” link is broken for some reason, which I think has to do with a bug in the template I’m running. If you want to get all the SHOT SHOW coverage, click the Gun Nuts logo on the right.

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