Aimpoint sight mount for Glocks

For you action pistol guys out there, one of the neater products I saw at SHOT SHOW 2009 was an Aimpoint mount for their “Micro” red dot sight which integrates with the existing dovetail on your Glock pistol.  Just tap the old plastic sight out, and tap the new sight into place.  It’s a pretty slick rig, as you can see from the picture.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

If you’re a Glock guy who is interesting in running a Glock as an Open gun, this may be a “no muss no fuss” solution for you.

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  1. I’m surprised that’s how it’s mounted. Seems like it’d take a hell of a lot of abuse with each shot. Can’t imagine it’d stay zeroed very well, but then again I doubt they’d sell it if it didn’t.

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