A telling observation

At the ATI booth (the guys who import the .22 LR MP-5 clone), they had a booth bade.  A very hot booth babe.  No, I didn’t take a picture, because that’s not how I roll.

However, at the booth they also had several veterans of Easy Company (you know, the real Band of Brothers guys).  I took the time to shake their hands and enjoy my moment with real heros.  But I noticed that the line to meet the veterans of Easy Company was always shorter than the line to meet the booth babe.

Real sad.


  1. No real supprise that more men would be interested in a great looking brunette in a hot black patent leather outfit.

    That said, I admired her from afar and paid the $20 to meet some true American heros and get them to autograph a picture for me. It was a real honor.

  2. I bet the vets were amused that anyone was paying attention to them at all, when the alternative was a hot babe.

    Remember, the boys fought WWII for hot babes, not ideology.

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