Welcome to SHOT SHOW

After some…tribulations getting here and getting parked, I’m finally at the show.  I’ve been walking the floor of SHOT SHOW 2009 for about 2 hours now, and have managed to collect quite a few pictures of various products that are out there, but more so than that, I’ve managed to almost develop a plan of attack for the next three days.

The most important thing about Day 1 is to get a feel for the land – the map is handy, but ultimately the only way to find out where the goodies are at is to walk the floor of the show and find them for yourself.

Now, because I know of at least 1 person who is salivating for information on the new Colt/Umarex .22 LR, never fear, your humble scribe is on it.  I’m actually waiting for the Umarex guy to give me a call – he’s going to give me the “special tour” of the new gun – so stay tuned for that.  Now, to stem the raging hordes, here’s some gun porn.  Here’s a rack of Mini-14 rifles from Ruger.  From top to bottom is their new tactical version, the Mini-14 Target, and then several other rifles.

From SHOT SHOW 2009

Stay tuned for more from SHOT SHOW 2009!


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