NRA Action Pistol on Gun Nuts Radio

Last night on Gun Nuts Radio, we had Tom Hughes, the Action Pistol coordinator for NRA on the show to talk about the 30th Anniversary of Bianchi Cup, and Action Pistol in general.  Click here to listen to the archive copy of our NRA Action Pistol show.

As usual, you can also download an .mp3 copy of the show by clicking on the link, so you can take the show with you wherever you go. Also, you can now subscribe to Gun Nuts Radio on iTunes or your Zune player by adding our RSS Feed to your podcast subscriptions. Click this post for instructions on how to add us to your iTunes podcast subscriptions.

Last night’s show was one of my favorites that we’ve done – while I enjoy the political and activism shows, at my heart I’m a shooter first and an activist second, so talking about the games I love really brings out the best parts of the show for me. Tom was excellent as well – if you’re looking for a resource to get a into NRA Action Pistol shooting, last night’s show would be an excellent primer for anyone.