High-ho, high-ho

It’s off to SHOT I go!

Last day before SHOT officially kicks off tomorrow, I’ll be flying into Orlando tonight.  Starting on Thursday, we’ll have daily updates posted both here at Call me Ahab as well as at the Gun Nuts Radio Blog.  In addition to the “every day coverage”, I’m planning several “specials” if you will – an all 1911 post, an all EBR post, etc.  The nice thing about this modern age is that both of my cellphones will allow me to post from wherever I am as long as I can get a signal, my laptop has wi-fi, and I’ve got two memory cards for my camera.  SHOT SHOW 2009 is going to be fantastic – the recent industry trends combined with a consumer market eager for more black guns and more high-cap pistols means that if you’re a fan of tactical goodies, this is going to be the show for you.  I’ll even through a bone to our hunting buddies and swing by the T/C Encore booth or something.

Keep your browser right here (or at www.gunnuts-tng.com) for exclusive, real time coverage of SHOT SHOW 2009!

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