Countdown to SHOT 2009

I’m just two days away from heading out to Orlando for coverage of SHOT SHOW 2009.  I’ll be in pretty good company, as a whole mess of other bloggers are going to be there covering it as well.

Thanks to TD, I now have a new “first stop” planned for Thursday morning – the Ruger booth.  Last year, they were one of the top stories of the show, and if the rumors of a Mini-14 EBR are true, then they’ll probably have it again.  Starting today, I’ll have a permalink in the sidebar that you can click on to hit all the posts for SHOT 2009.  Between here and the Gun Nuts Radio blog, I’ll be bringing you the latest on new guns and gear as fast as I can upload the pictures to the web!

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  1. Caleb,

    May I put in a request that your second stop be the Colt booth so you can show us Colt’s new .22 M4?

    It’s not for me; it’s for . . . er, um, er, Tam. Yeah, Tam said that she really wanted to see it as it would be a solid training platform for kids and alte kahkers alike.

    Shootin’ Buddy

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