Bianchi Cup and Gun Nuts

Next Tuesday on Gun Nuts Radio, we’re going to be doing a special on Bianchi Cup/NRA Action Pistol.  Tom Hughes, NRA’s Bianchi Cup coordinator will be joining us to give us an overview of Bianchi Cup, including some of the changes that the sport is going to see in the coming years.

On top of that, my number one priority for shooting sports coverage this year is to actually get out to Bianchi Cup to both shoot and cover the match.  I’ve never shot NRA Action Pistol before, and my travel budget is tight, but shooting Bianchi Cup has always been a dream of mine.  One of the items we will be talking about will be the new competitive class that NRA has added – for the first time, there is now a “Production” division for Bianchi Cup, which will allow people like me to run mostly stock guns in the game.

If you’re at all interested in Bianchi Cup, or competitive shooting in any form, don’t miss Tuesday’s Gun Nuts Radio.  We’ll be live at 9pm, and available for download immediately after that!

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  1. I belong to the Pioneer Gun Club ( Each year, our outdoor range is offered and used for contestants of the Bianchi Cup to get in some practice. A number of these folks come from countries where they cannot own firearms or practice as they wish.

    For instance, I was surprised that some Australians and others, leave their weapons here in the US between matches because they cannot take them home. it’s a sad state of affairs.

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