1. Do you not like your guns?

    The last one Gunsmith Bob yanked out of a malfing 1911 stuck to the wall when he threw it. It was awesome…

  2. So, tits on a boar hog then?

    They came with the .38 Super I bought – when I broke the Super down, it had one in it which kind of crumbled up in my hands.

  3. All I’ve ever seen them do is come apart at the worst possible time and make your gun malfunction.

  4. FWIW, Shannon has been wrenching on guns for, oh, almost twenty years now. He’ll tell you how many cracked frames he’s seen on 5″ steel 1911s. (Hint: More than zero and less than two.)

  5. I’ve been running them in my aluminum framed 5″ carry gun for about a dozen years. The frame has not cracked. The round count is high enough that I can’t easily figure it out. They’re not for people who can’t be bothered with keeping an eye on stuff.

  6. It seems that most people are strongly opposed to the Shok Buff – I’ve got an aluminum framed 9mm, but I’d have to shoot about 30 hoji rounds through it before 9mm ammo started to wear out the frame.

  7. I run them, I have no problems with them. Do you inspect your gun regularly? Do you keep an eye open for worn or damaged parts? Are you willing to change them every 3-4000 rounds, and before a major match? Than use them, if not, don’t. The choice is yours.

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