Gun Nuts Radio: Open Carry

Tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio should be an excellent show.  We’ll be discussing the topic of Open Carry, which has been near to my heart in the past and remains so to this day.  Joining us on tonight’s show will be Meleanie Hain, the PA soccer mom who has become a public advocate for open carry after her carry permit was illegally revoked by the sheriff.

We’ll go live as usual at 9pm Eastern time – the first half of the show will prominently feature questions for Ms. Hain, and then we’ll open up the call-in line at  (347) 539-5436 so that you can ask your questions to Ms. Hain as well.  Join us tonight at 9pm Eastern time at for what is sure to be a great show!


  1. Just received my new copy of Concealed Carry Magazine and Mark Walters has another story on Open Carry where readers of his October article wrote back and shared their stories – including a couple that encouraged guests to their May 2008 wedding to openly carry their firearms and about half of the 80 or so guests did. The groom was carrying too (he happens to own Western Bullet company).

    It’s legal to openly carry in Virginia – even in restaurants that serve alcohol – a place you cannot carry concealed.

  2. Of course, in Virginia the restaurant owner can also tell you to take your business elsewhere, which is what I suspect would happen in most bars.

  3. Well, Melanie seemed more reasonable on your show than the TV interviews of the MSM made her sound. Huh. Whoda thunk? My opinion of her went up a notch in that hour. Kudos to her. Keep up the good work.

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