The only graph worth seeing

Everyone is putting up their end of year traffic graphs/best posts and whatnot.  But Robb has the one graph you must.

Number of times I made fun of Caleb for shooting hostages.

I maintain that that guy was a collaborator and the sumbitch had it coming.

The shot in question is contained in this video.


  1. And it’s questionable whether you should have got that penalty. Had it be a real match I would have asked for an overlay and made certain it did, in fact, break the perf.

    Of course had you been shooting a .45 and put the center of the bullet in the same location it would have definitely been a hit. So I’m not about to give you the win on the bet between us on that run because I was shooting a .45 while you were shooting the 9mm–yet we used the same scoring system.

  2. You beat me fair and square, Joe – no complaints here. The point about the scoring systems is valid, and why one of these days we’ll go head to head with guns that would compete against one another in a real competition.

  3. When I saw the location of your “hit” on the hostage I immediately felt guilty. I stopped the video and stared at it for a long time. I just don’t know if you were fairly scored on that or not.

    Let me know when you visit Seattle or North Central Idaho. We’ll find a range and do it “right”.

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