Novak sights for Taurus autos

If, like me, you’re a fan of Taurus firearms, then you’ll be tickled to know that Novak is now producing a sight that fits the existing dovetail on the PT-1911 and the 24/7 OSS pistols.  This means that you can now replace the factory sights (which are actually excellent Heinie sights on those pistols) with a Novak fiber optic or tritium sight.

According to Novak’s website, they’ll install the new sights on your gun for $35 plus shipping, and of course the cost of the part.  All you have to do is send them your 24/7 OSS or PT1911 slide and you’re off to the races.


  1. I love my PT1911. Had it out yesterday with 3 friends who were 1911 virgins and they all want one. Simply amazed by the nineteenleveny goodness.

  2. I’d stick with the Hienie designed sights that are already on it. Novak’s are very low drag, which is fine for concealed carry, but lousy for racking the slide one handed. I like the 10-8 Performance profile a lot more, but since the only gun that I ever had break while shooting it was a Taurus, and I won’t be having another, I guess I’m not too concerned. 🙂

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